The One'Sphere Process

1. Product & Design Discovery

First we meet with you to understand your needs. Each and every successful design begins with this Discovery meeting, which often includes an architect or interior designer. We explore how your family lives and entertains in the home, then examine what they watch and listen to, and, just as importantly, how they watch and listen. By the conclusion of the Discovery process, we have a solid foundation for a comprehensive design.

2. Design & Engineering

The results of the Discovery process are delivered to our designers, who carefully create a system that meets all of your requirements. Once a design is completed, One'Sphere presents it to you in detail. Then, when the design is approved, it is forwarded to our engineering team, where the technical aspects of the system are fleshed out and a complete set of drawings is generated. At the engineering stage, programming and interface design are also finalized to your satisfaction.

3. Project Management

Managing a project begins well before the first installation technician arrives at your residence. We work closely with you, the general contractor and other trade specialists to ensure that everything required for a smooth audio video install is prepared prior to the installation date. We then regularly update you with work and engineering reports, and respond promptly to any questions or concerns.

4. Installation

Armed with a well-designed system, technical drawings and trade partners who know exactly how to proceed, our installation technicians are now ready to begin a seamless implementation process. Custom fabricated racks, pre-built at our shop, are carefully placed. Equipment is installed and connected. The entire installation and operational program are thoroughly tested. Finally, the project manager meets with you to inspect the work, creating an exhaustive checklist of any issues that need to be addressed.

Throughout this entire process, the integrity of your residence is our highest priority. One'Sphere maintains the highest standards of safety, and every member of our team has uncompromising respect for the home in which they are working. In addition, One'Sphere is fully licensed, bonded and insured to protect your home and your investment.

5. Customer Care

Our commitment to you endures long past the installation date. We will support every aspect of your system. Technical issues, user training and system upgrades are all part of One'Sphere's dedication to your satisfaction. We will be there for those important events when your audio video experience must be perfect. And we will provide ongoing support as you expand your residence or move into a new home.

From quality equipment and designs to complete and ongoing customer care, One'Sphere delivers a home media system that is second to none.